About Us

re·le·vé reləˈvā
In ballet, a movement in which the dancer rises on the tips of the toes.

Meet Gabrielle Whittle, the founder and visionary behind Relevé. With a background in engineering and product design, Gabrielle is on a mission to provide innovative footwear solutions for women. She started Relevé with a desire to make the high heel wearing experience more comfortable and convenient for women, like herself, who love high heels but find them extremely uncomfortable. Her goal is to create products that seamlessly blend style and function, empowering women to feel confident and comfortable in their footwear.

Relevé's primary product is a pair of heels that effortlessly convert into flats, providing women with the convenience and comfort they need without sacrificing style. The launch of these unique shoes is set to take place later this year, and Gabrielle is thrilled to bring this revolutionary product to women everywhere.

In addition to the footwear, Relevé recently launched the Cerène Tube Bag, a beautifully designed, cylinder-shaped handbag that serves as the perfect companion to our high heels. Designed by Gabrielle herself, the Cerène bag is the perfect size and shape to fit the removable heels, offering a seamless transition from heels to flats and back again. Proceeds from the Cerène tube bag will go towards completing the shoe development, allowing Relevé to continue creating innovative products that empower women to feel confident and comfortable in their footwear.